Introduction of item

Introduction Of Item

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  • LMS(LineEdu)

    Introduction Of Item


    1.Membership Management
    Member basic information management, corporate management, point management, member general management (CRM), membership details, membership status, coupon management

    2.Education Management
    System that can systematically and integratively manage the whole process of teaching and learning from the students / lecturers / managers through the development / delivery / evaluation / management of operation / learning and contents

    3.Website Management
    Provides manager pages such as member basic information management, enterprise management, point management, member general management (CRM), membership details, membership status, coupon management

    4.Sales Management
    Sales management by date, month, and period, sales management by branch office, sales management by instructor

    5.Evaluation management
    Evaluation functions such as instructor evaluation, monthly evaluation setting, etc.

    6.Attendance management
    Through the attendance management system, students can check the status of student attendance in real time and attend attendance (attendance, lateness, absence).

    7.Coupon Management
    Coupon issuance and use, coupon system

    8.Schedule Management
    You can freely set whether you have completed the course, my page for the student, or taking the course.

    It has compatibility with various environments and systems and provides scalability. Also increase work efficiency by unifying user management by providing convenient integrated authority management screen through web-based GUI

    Provided Ajax-based chat solution to LMS

    We provide a mobile version of LMS to enable learning on mobile, and we develop and provide hybrid apps or native apps according to customer's needs

    You can be automatically notified of course completion, exam acceptance, attendance, etc.

  • Dentist VR Virtual Training System

    Introduction Of Item


    1.Dental Education Program
    Development of dental education program that can immerse in implant surgery using visual, auditory, and tactile

    2.User data analysis
    Modules that can collect and analyze user's gaze, treatment time, and hand motion data

    3.Expert Evaluation and Verification
    Scoring algorithm for educational programs and Accurately evaluate and validate the practitioner's ability to perform by comparing experts's evaluation.

  • HIS
    (Hospital Information System)

    Introduction Of Item


    1.What is HIS?
    HIS (Hospital Information System) Solution served by ONYCOM is a Hospital Enterprise Resource Planning Service that comprehensively provides hospital system functions that used to be individually provided such as hospital informatization, medical informatization, treatment research, administrative management, customer management, and overall groupware check.

    2.EMR Module Intro
    (Electronic Medical Record)
    EMR(Electronic Medical Record) application contains various applications to support departments which need to catch up the newest medical information digitalization to enhance the hospital information service. EMR application supports medical treatment, charge, supporting medical treatment, business management and health examination solutions especially clinical pathology, radiology, a hospital ward management, and pharmacy management.

    3.What is OCS?
    The basic function of OCS(Order Communication System) is to provide fast and accurate information to a department by a doctor’s order. OCS total solution is developed for a hospital computerized system.

    4.What is HOSPRISE?
    (Hospital + Rise) It is a Total Application for hospital management that combines intra-hospital groupware solutions and customer management solutions. The hospital intranet enables speedy task handling and organic communication with administrative departments to improve work performances. It helps with integrated management of both external and internal customers, contributing to the hospital management analysis and marketing.

    5.What is Groupware?
    1. Real-time Work Monitoring the present condition of all member’s work flow through the real-time bulletin board
    2. Work MGMT./Control in the company Using Context-Aware System, Real Time Bulletin Board, Organization/Member Management Tool, Control the whole work process
    3. Easy understanding for the whole Work Flow Realize easy understanding at a look as visualizing member’s work process status
    4. Daily Workflow Tracing & Assessment Team Manager can evaluate member’s performance as daily work inspection check through the Daily Workflow Log and can feedback.

    6.What is CRM?
    It is a Healthcare Total Solution designed to manage customer relationships as well as external customers by using Customer Relationship Management Module that combines information and communication technology with medicine business.

    7.How to use Smart Device?
    OUTDOOR support for works equivalent to indoor tasks

    Groupware connect
    • Manage various reports and task documents outside conveniently

    Organically affiliated with HIS
    • Smart Device enables direct connection with HIS, helping you to use it any time anywhere

    Improved In/Outdoor Co-work
    •Smooth communication between the HIS and outdoor Smart Device, increasing the collaboration efficiency